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Demonstration of skills in one aquatic environment (ex: swimming pool) may not transfer to another (ex: ocean). Water competency includes more than swimming ability. Swim tests can be used to determine if a person has the minimum level of swimming ability required to participate safely in activities, such as swimming in deep water, riding a slide, or jumping off a diving board.

According to the American Red Cross water competency is influenced by conditions of the aquatic environment in which the person may be introduced:

Water Temperature





The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council Defines Water Competency:

  1. Entry with total submersion.
  2. Recovery to the surface and remain there for at least one minute floating or treading.
  3. Orientation – position to be able to turn full circle and orient to the exit.
  4. Propulsion – level off and move on front and or back position for at least 25 yards.
  5. Exit from the water.