Protect Your Child

Provide Close, Constant and Capable Supervision

General Bathtub Safety

  • Never leave your child alone around water, not even for a few seconds, not even to answer the phone, door, or to get something . . . Take the child with you!
  • Never leave a baby or toddler in a bathtub under the care of another child.
  • Always keep an infant or young child within arm’s reach in a bathtub to support them if they slip or fall.
  • Use non-skid decals or a mat inside the tub to prevent slipping.
  • Use toys in the tub to keep your child busy and sitting down, and away from the faucet.
  • Keep the temperature of your water heater below 120°F to prevent burns.
  • Unplug all electric items, such as hair dryers and radios.
  • Empty the tub immediately.
  • Keep the floor and your child’s feet dry to prevent slipping.
  • Prepare ahead: have towel, shampoo, wash cloth at hand before starting the bath.

Bathing a Newborn

  • Have a towel ready right after the bath to wrap your baby, dry and keep warm.
  • Follow the doctor’s advice for bathing the umbilical cord and how often to bathe your baby.
  • Use warm, not hot, water. Place your elbow under the water to check temperature before putting the baby into the water.
  • Wash your baby’s head last so that their head does not get too cold.

General Bathroom Safety

  • Place a door knob cover over the outside door handle to the bathroom.
  • Never leave your child alone in the bathroom.
  • Place a lid lock on the toilet seat to keep a curious toddler from falling into the toilet bowl.
  • Never leave a tub filled with water unattended.

Water SMART Mom Checklist

  • Learn CPR – it can be a lifesaver when seconds count.
  • Enroll your child into swim classes, commit to attending each lesson.
  • Maintain constant eye-to-eye contact; only trust responsible adults to supervise in your absence.
  • Keep infant and children within arm’s reach at all times when around water.
  • Do not use bath seats, flotation devices or swimming ability as a substitute for adult supervision.
  • Install door & window alarms that access to pools, spas and all other bodies of water.

Portable Pool Safety

Portable pools vary in size & height, are easy to use and affordable, but also present a danger to young children. Always follow this around portable pools to protect your children:

  • Empty & put away smaller portable pools after every use.
  • When the pool is set up, ensure proper adult supervision.
  • Fence portable pools & encourage your neighbors to do the same.
  • Cover larger portable pools and safely store access ladders away when adults are not present.

Miscellaneous Drowning Hazards for Infants & Toddlers

  • Never leave a bucket of water unattended.
  • After using a bucket of water/liquid, empty immediately & store out of reach.
  • Buckets left outside can collect rainwater and become a hazard.
  • Use safety latches for toilet seats.
  • Empty water from sinks, coolers, pails and containers.
  • Be aware of leaky faucets that might allow water to accumulate and pose a risk.
  • Beware of decorative ponds, fountains, septic tanks & washing machines.