Fast Thinking plus Quick Actions – a Lifesaving Formula!

When it comes to saving a drowning victim, seconds matter. Angel Rivera, an 11 year old boy, did not waste any time retrieving a 13 year old drowning victim from the bottom of a community pool on April 24th.

Angel Rivera Water Smart Broward Hero Award

Angel noticed the victim at the bottom of the pool and quickly jumped into an 8 foot depth of water, and brought the unconscious girl to the surface of the pool. An adult present, administered CPR to the teen. After several days in the hospital the victim was released fully recovered.

Although the victim was at least a foot taller than Angel, there was no hesitation on his part to help.

On Saturday, May 29th, on behalf of the Florida Department of Health in Broward County, Angel was presented the Water Smart Broward Hero Award for taking command of a situation that could have ended tragically.

Angel’s courage is an example that drowning prevention is everyone’s responsibility, and that saving a life takes simple steps by an extraordinary person, regardless of their age.