How Water Smart Are You?

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1. If a child is missing, immediately search locations with water.

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2. Children having trouble in the water will scream and yell for help, so it is okay to read a magazine, send text messages, or talk on the phone.

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3. I live in a community with a common pool and the gate requires a key to open therefore my children are safe from entering the pool unsupervised.

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4. When swimming with a lifeguard on duty, I know that the lifeguard is the main person responsible to supervise swimmers.

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5. It is okay for my child to swim without me if he/she swims with a friend or an older sibling who is a good swimmer.

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6. Swim lessons teach a child survival skills that drown proof them.

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7. Once children learn to swim, they never need additional lessons.

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8. Using flotation devices are a great way to teach children to swim.

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