Water Smart Program for Physicians

Pediatricians are respected and well-positioned to educate families to promote healthy lifestyles and environments to ensure children grow healthy in a safer environment.

Pediatricians earn the respect and trust of the parents/caregivers of their patients. Parents view pediatricians as a partner in the care and well-being of their children. Prevention is a core component of healthcare: proper nutrition, exercise, and immunizations.

However, the leading cause of death among children ages 1 to 4 is drowning. Most often a child drowning fatality is attributed to behavior of the parent: a brief lapse in supervision, a lack of barriers to prevent access to water, and not knowing the hazards that place a child a risk to drown.

The Water Smart Program for Physicians is an opportunity for pediatricians and other healthcare professionals to discuss water safety with parents at a well visit when the child is around 12 months of age.

For more information on the Water Smart Program, please contact Florida Department of Health in Broward County, (954) 952-8755 or Cassie.McGovern@flhealth.gov.

If you are a healthcare provider that would like to receive more information on becoming Water Smart, contact us today!

If you are parent and have not received Water Smart materials, please contact Florida Department of Health in Broward County, (954) 952-8755 or Cassie.McGovern@flhealth.gov.